Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)

Registration in Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)                   

          Philippines business registration is very meticulous as you have to go through specific procedures and various institutions in order to be legitimate.  If you are a businessman or foreign corporation and plan to have a business for the first time, you have to go through business registration in Philippines that is not as easy as 1-2-3 because of the things you have to go through.  For instance, if you are an investor and want your business operations to be placed on certain areas in the country, you will have to go through the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) handled by the Department of Trade and Industry.  It is important to have registration Philippines in this institute especially if your businesses are in export-oriented manufacturing and service facilities.

          This Philippine government agency helps in promoting investments in the country as well as offers assistance and gives incentives to investors from in and out of the country. They also facilitate business operations related to manufacturing that are export-oriented and want to build their structures and operations on selected/specific areas in the Philippines.  These areas are those proclaimed and approved by the President of the Philippines and are known as PEZA Special Economic Zones.  Since not all areas can be built, businesses (especially those from outside the country) have to undergo meticulous registration and guidelines in order to be legit in building their businesses on certain areas of the country.