Local City Permits in Philippines

Registration with the City Hall or Municipality in the Philippines            

         When almost all big Philippine agencies are done and one has to get permission from the place where the business is, the city hall or municipality is the best place to get a business registration in Philippines.  In Philippines business registration, every businessman, local or foreign corporation is required to get a local business permit that will be issued once the general requirements are done.  While the rules of securing a business permit in every Local Government Unit – LGU is different, most requirements are the same and have to be complied before the operations of the business registration Philippines starts.

          First thing to prepare in Philippine business registration is the local government fee that will vary depending on the local government unit, so it is advisable to know the calculated amount from your accountant.  Once you have prepared for that, it is time for the real requirements.

          One of the requirements you need to get for business registration Philippines is the Mayor’s Business Permit that is renewed every year and must be displayed in your structure.  To get this, you will need the following that has to be registered or applied before going to the LGU: barangay clearance, community tax certificate with gross receipt, financial statement for partnerships and corporations, BIR clearance, SSS Clearance, ECC or CNC, and sanitary permit.  These are also the important documents you have to present to the LGU if the business is new: DTI registration, SEC Registration for partnerships and corporations, building and occupancy permit (especially for those who will construct new buildings) and zoning clearance.